The Story Of Spa Ceylon - How it all began!!!

We dived into the world of Sri Lankan ayurvedic to find out the story behind Spa Ceylon and how it all started…Let’s listen to the story behind Spa Ceylon by the founder Shalin Balasuriya…

Shalin Balasuriya

From local roots to global recognition

Step into the world of luxury and wellness, and you’ll nd Shalin Balasuriya, the driving force behind Spa Ceylon—a brand that has taken the cosmetic, bath product, and spa industry by storm. As a Sri Lankan entrepreneur, Shalin and his brother embarked on a journey to create a brand that beautifully blends luxury and sustainability, inspired by the ancient healing traditions of Ayurveda.

The seed of the idea was planted in the early 2000s when Shalin and his brother recognised a need for both luxury and eco-consciousness in the industry. With Ayurveda as their guiding light, Spa Ceylon was born—a brand that epitomises their vision. Their wide range of products, including skincare, bath and body care, hair care, and fragrances, are meticulously crafted to be free from harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances. They wanted to provide consumers with a luxurious experience while staying true to the potential of Ayurveda.

From its humble beginnings, Spa Ceylon has blossomed into a global phenomenon, with over 70 locations across the world, spanning Sri Lanka, India, the Maldives, Pakistan, and the United States. This exceptional growth is a result of their unwavering commitment to every detail, from brand-building to creating an emotional connection with their customers.

Spa Ceylon’s dedication to sustainability is evident not only in its product formulations but also in its packaging. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant culture of Sri Lanka, their packaging features intricate designs and is made from recyclable materials, reecting their deep-rooted belief in preserving the environment.

Under Shalin Balasuriya’s guidance, Spa Ceylon has garnered numerous accolades, including the prestigious Sri Lankan Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2016 and the coveted World Luxury Spa Award for Best Luxury Ayurveda Spa in 2019. Balasuriya’s leadership continues to fuel the brand’s expansion, enabling Spa Ceylon to promote Sri Lanka’s rich culture and traditions through its exceptional products and unparalleled retail experiences.

The remarkable tale of Shalin Balasuriya and Spa Ceylon stands as a shining testament to the transformative power of creativity, innovation, and unwavering passion. Their success not only lies in generating prots but also in making a positive impact on society and the environment.

Through their Ayurvedic revolution, they have not only elevated the standards of the industry but also inspired countless individuals to embrace a holistic approach to wellness and beauty. Shalin

Balasuriya’s journey serves as a beacon of hope, reminding us all that with a clear vision, dedication, and a touch of luxury, we can create businesses that leave a lasting legacy.

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