Malik Leigh - Co-CEO W L Well LLC

On Founder International we dived deep into the global spectrum in bringing the stories of the global platform…And to inaugurate the series we had the honour of having Mr. Malik Leigh who’s an attorney-at-law by profession but also the CEO of the health care app W L WELL… Let’s hear the story of behind W L WELL LLC….

Malik Leigh

Redefining healthcare with innovation and compassion

Hailing from South Florida, he is not only a Neo Banking Tech Entrepreneur and a Telehealth Medtech Entrepreneur but also a compassionate Social Justice and Family Law Attorney at Watson Leigh, P.A.

Driven by his banking and legal expertise, Malik co-founded Dapple Pay Wallet, L.L.C. with his Law Partner. Their aim was to address the discrimination faced by marginalised communities in the US, particularly those who lack access to traditional banking services. By creating a platform that promotes nancial inclusivity, Malik seeks to dismantle barriers and foster progress.

But Malik’s ventures extend beyond the nancial realm. With his entrepreneurial spirit, he ventured into the healthcare industry, revolutionising the way people receive medical care. His innovative online healthcare app caters to the increasing demand for remote healthcare services. Now, patients can conveniently access medical attention from the comfort of their homes, regardless of their location. Malik’s vision ensures that quality healthcare is within reach for all.

When asked about the inspiration behind the app, Malik explains, “At its core, it’s a telehealth platform designed to be exible and adaptable.” This principle underlies the seamless connection between patients and medical professionals, simplifying the process with just a few clicks. As healthcare evolves, Malik’s app stands at the forefront, poised to shape the future of medical services.

Malik Leigh’s journey exemplies perseverance, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to improving lives. His ventures challenge the norm and bring about tangible change. Through his unwavering dedication, Malik inspires others to embrace entrepreneurship for social impact.

Malik Leigh’s determination to empower communities continues to yield positive results. His ability to navigate complex industries while prioritising innovation and compassion serves as an inspiration for others to pursue their passions and make a lasting dierence.

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