Why We Need Animal Welfare Bill in Sri Lanka - Sachintha Peiris

On this month’s opinion segment we spoke to the associate media director at Boutique Agency Network regarding a burning issue…Animal Welfare… Let’s hear her opinion on this current situation in Sri Lanka…

Sachintha Peiris

Championing animal welfare in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, where animal welfare standards are under scrutiny, one remarkable individual is leading the charge to bring about change. Sachintha Peiris is a marketing professional who is dedicated to improving the lives of animals and promoting ethical values in Sri Lankan society.

Marketing is a eld that demands creativity, innovation, and a profound understanding of consumer behaviour. Sachintha Peiris has carved a niche for herself in this industry, earning recognition for her strategic thinking, eective communication skills, and unwavering passion. With years of experience, she has honed her expertise, assisting businesses in reaching their target audiences and achieving their objectives.

However, Sachintha’s focus extends far beyond marketing campaigns. She is deeply concerned about the current state of animal welfare in Sri Lanka, where animals often endure neglect, abuse, and exploitation. Expressing her dismay, Sachintha reveals, “It is disheartening to witness the level of entitlement that leads to the neglect of strays. These stories are, unfortunately, true.”

To address this pressing issue, Sachintha emphasises the need for a comprehensive animal welfare bill that protects animals from mistreatment and ensures they receive the dignity and respect they deserve. She rmly believes that as a society, we have a moral obligation to show compassion and kindness to all living beings.

When discussing solutions, Sachintha highlights the importance of collective eort. “We face a daunting task, but the key lies in fostering an initiative rather than banning acts of help,” she asserts. By implementing an animal welfare bill, Sri Lanka can promote these core values and ensure that animals are recognised not as commodities, but as sentient beings with inherent worth.

Sachintha Peiris serves as an inspiring example of an individual using her skills and inuence to create a positive impact. Her dedication to improving animal welfare ignites hope and

inspires others to join the cause. Together, we can work towards a future where compassion and respect extend to all creatures, making Sri Lanka a haven for animals in need.

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